Wild Things Are Coming!


This Saturday at 1 pm, get up close and personal with a raccoon, porcupine, a river otter and other surprises. WILD THINGS are brought to the Park by CONSERVATION AMBASSADORS “Providing a loving home for displaced, abused, abandoned, injured wild animals” Find all the excitement happening at the Campfire Center. Call 209-795-1196 for more information [...]

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Calaveras Big Trees History Comes to Life


By:  Joan Allday I’ve always been obsessed with our Park’s history!  I wanted to know who wandered the North Grove of Sequoias or rode horses, crossing the Stanislaus to get to the South Grove.   What did the cottage look like next to the stump?  I used to wonder if there was anyone still alive who [...]

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Waitlist Available for 2019 California Naturalist Program


The 2019 California Naturalist class at Calaveras Big Trees is now full. If you are interested in joining our Waitlist, please click below.  We will get in touch with you if space opens up.  Thanks for your interest.     The very successful California Naturalist Program is returning to Calaveras Big Trees in 2019. The [...]

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Waitlist Available for John Muir Laws – Workshop


Click on Button to Join Waitlist “Thinking Like a Naturalist: Reclaiming the Art of Natural History” Calaveras Big Trees Naturalist Training and Journaling April 20 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Learn how to be a naturalist. Our day begins with an introductory class: Thinking like a Naturalist, where we explore how to increase your [...]

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Have you visited the Warming Hut?


By: Jim Allday The Warming Hut can be a blast - lots of fun for Docents and visitors. Of course it can be a little less fun and quite a bit of work when four docents, Sanders LaMont, Alice Williams, Paul Prescott and Lauren Scott served 898 visitors over four hours during Christmas week. That’s [...]

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Trail Conditions


The North Grove trail is free of snow (a few patches of ice remain); however, strong winds this week blew down a snag, which crushed a section of boardwalk by the Father tree. Hikers can easily pass alongside, but the obstacle may be challenging for visitors with strollers or wheelchairs. Call 209.795.3840 with any questions.

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Sorry – No Winter Wonderland in 2018


Unfortunately,  because of a variety of reasons, CBTA is unable to hold our Winter Wonderland Event this year.  We hope to be able to hold it in 2019. There are still many fun things to do during the winter at the Park. Please make sure you have signed up on our email list (below) so [...]

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Digital Field Trips to Giant Sequoias


It’s dawn in the redwood forest.  As the sun rises, pale green light filters down through the foliage. High in the canopy, a varied thrush sings. The presence of these ancient trees is both calming and inspiring, something you feel in your soul. For the next hour, a skilled interpreter guides you through these hallowed [...]

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