Each summer CBTA sponsors an Intern to work at the Park. The intern is usually a college student who has a love of nature, enjoys working with people and is interested in a career in interpretation or resource management.

Interested students apply through the Student Conservation Association.  A group of applicants are selected and interviewed to find the one that will be a perfect fit with Calaveras Big Trees State Park. The Intern works with all park staff in all aspects of park and resource management including, but not limited to, assisting with interpretation in the visitor center; preparing and performing campfire programs, as well as leading Junior Ranger and Cub sessions. They soon become a jack-of-all-trades as they learn about all that goes on in the park.  In this time of budget cutbacks that affect the park, they are a welcome addition to the Big Trees family.

This Internship program is funded by CBTA through two special funds: the Daly/Ralston Fund and the Hickling Memorial Intern Fund.  It is through the generosity of these families that CBTA is able to provide this opportunity to the future stewards of our public lands.

Interested students may apply by visiting The Student Conservation Association website.

Applications through SCA should be done in the fall semester.   Applications are processed and telephone interviews are done in February or March.