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Upcoming Seminars and Events


As we get into 2023, there are many exciting seminars and activities coming up. April 22, 2023 - Exploring the Pacific Crest Trail May 6, 2023 - Trails to California May 13, 2023 - Dogwood Festival June 10, 2023 - Wild Things August 26, 2023 - Mi-wuk Culture and Stewardship September 16, 2023 - More [...]

Upcoming Seminars and Events2023-03-21T11:15:49-07:00

Explore the Pacific Crest Trail – Seminar


Saturday April 22, 2023    10am-12pm  - Ralston Classroom Presented by Dave Baugher Dave Baugher, retired Arnold fire chief, completed hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in August 2022. After a nine-year adventure, Dave has many stories to tell. Trail-Tested stories and information from 'Crossing Paths: A Pacific Crest Trailside Reader.' Presented by contributing writer and [...]

Explore the Pacific Crest Trail – Seminar2023-02-13T08:36:41-08:00

Year-End Giving Challenge


Thanks to your support in 2022, we can continue to create, fund and deliver inspirational educational and interpretive programs, as well as inspire visitors to help preserve and protect the Giant Sequoias and all of the Calaveras Big Trees natural resources. Please join CBTA for a special year-end campaign challenge as we make our last [...]

Year-End Giving Challenge2022-12-31T21:51:20-08:00

Never Too Late


It is never too late to donate to this great program. In 2022, your generous gifts will be dedicated to the amazing Calaveras Big Trees PORTS Program (Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students) This successful program is under the direction of Lillie Oravetz This year you will have the opportunity to ensure that students from far and near have an unforgettable [...]

Never Too Late2022-12-04T09:11:30-08:00

10-26-2022 UPDATE – Prescribed Burning at Calaveras Big Trees State Park


10-26-2022 - EVENING - LATEST UPDATE - We completed ignition of the current 72-acre prescribed burn late this afternoon. The area will still burn down, and smoke may remain in the area for some time after live firing has stopped. You may see the hill glowing along Highway 4 at night. The area will continued [...]

10-26-2022 UPDATE – Prescribed Burning at Calaveras Big Trees State Park2022-10-30T09:07:14-07:00

2022 Quilt Winner


On Labor Day, September 5, 2022, the lucky winner of the Calaveras Big Trees beautiful 2022 Quilt was drawn. The lucky winner was Shari Chapin of Bounder Creek, California.  A quilter herself, Shari was very extremely grateful to receive this beautiful work of art that was sewn and donated by a Calaveras Big Trees, Donna [...]

2022 Quilt Winner2022-09-22T10:10:02-07:00

Summer Programs Have Ended


As summer comes to an end, unfortunately activities have ended Remaining Evening Activities: Astronomy:   *Meet at Scenic Overlook August 20, 2022 8:00 pm - The Night Sky August 25, 2022 8:00 pm September 8, 2022 7:30 pm (MOON NIGHT) September 29, 2022 7:30 pm   For more information, please check the white boards around the [...]

Summer Programs Have Ended2022-08-17T19:01:40-07:00

Discovery Day- Was a Great Day!


Calaveras Big Trees State Park Discovery Day Visitors discovered and learned more about the park's past. Their started journey by picking up their passport and boarding an imaginary stagecoach though time. They travelled to different points in history, completed activities and received a gift. All ages enjoyed this stroll through the park's amazing history.  Thank [...]

Discovery Day- Was a Great Day!2022-07-25T08:16:49-07:00

Giant Sequoias (World’s Largest Trees!) Podcast with Wendy Harrison


Giant Sequoias (World's Largest Trees!) with Wendy Harrison Golden State Naturalist Have you ever looked up at something much larger than yourself and felt teeny tiny, but in a good way? That's the feeling I get when I walk among giant sequoias. It is pure wonderment. Join me as I learn more about this spectacular [...]

Giant Sequoias (World’s Largest Trees!) Podcast with Wendy Harrison2022-07-18T13:10:18-07:00


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