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Trail Conditions


The North Grove trail is free of snow (a few patches of ice remain); however, strong winds this week blew down a snag, which crushed a section of boardwalk by the Father tree. Hikers can easily pass alongside, but the obstacle may be challenging for visitors with strollers or wheelchairs. Call 209.795.3840 with any questions.

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Sorry – No Winter Wonderland in 2018


Unfortunately,  because of a variety of reasons, CBTA is unable to hold our Winter Wonderland Event this year.  We hope to be able to hold it in 2019. There are still many fun things to do during the winter at the Park. Please make sure you have signed up on our email list (below) so [...]

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Digital Field Trips to Giant Sequoias


It’s dawn in the redwood forest.  As the sun rises, pale green light filters down through the foliage. High in the canopy, a varied thrush sings. The presence of these ancient trees is both calming and inspiring, something you feel in your soul. For the next hour, a skilled interpreter guides you through these hallowed [...]

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Calaveras Big Trees State Park Officially Reopens the Three Senses Trail


Forests are for everyone, and our Three Senses Trail was built back in 1976 as a special place for disabled visitors.  This trail encourages all visitors to experience the forest via smell, touch and sound. It became known as the “braille trail,” because this was the best technology at the time for the visually impaired.ARNOLD, Calif. — This past Saturday [...]

Calaveras Big Trees State Park Officially Reopens the Three Senses Trail2018-10-18T17:49:23-07:00

Buses to Big Trees


Article and Photos provided by Dakota Morlan- Calaveras Enterprise Fifth graders from an urban school in Lodi were able to experience the majesty of the world’s largest tree species while on a field trip to Calaveras Big Trees State Park on Sept. 21. Thanks to a new program created by the Calaveras Big Trees Association [...]

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Governor Proclaims October California Redwoods Month


Governor Jerry Brown has proclaimed October 2018 California Redwoods Month in honor of the redwood forests, “a globally significant treasure and a quintessential symbol of the Golden State.” With this Proclamation, Governor Brown and the State of California have taken an important stand for the redwoods! Article by Shelana deSilva Read More!

Governor Proclaims October California Redwoods Month2018-10-15T11:34:28-07:00

Calaveras Big Trees Reached for the Stars while Standing for the Redwoods


Calaveras Big Trees Association in partnership with Save the Redwood League hosted a hardy group of interested astronomers on Thursday evening  October 11. CBTA is proud to be partnering with Save the Redwoods League as they recognize the 100th anniversary of Save the Redwoods League and celebrate the conservation legacy to protect California’s incredible coast redwood [...]

Calaveras Big Trees Reached for the Stars while Standing for the Redwoods2018-10-17T12:50:55-07:00

Congratulations! Raffle Winners


On Saturday September 8, 2018, the winners of the "Ain't Life Grand" Raffle were drawn. Congratulations to: Pamela Greenhalgh - Basket #1 - Cabin in the Woods MaryAnne Carlton - Basket #2 - Boats, Planes & Trains John and Cindy Gustafson - Basket #3 - Golfer's Delight Bill Minkel & Vida Kenk - Basket #4 [...]

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So Long to Summer and Our Interns


After a wonderful summer of sharing fresh ideas, teaching and learning, our amazing interns have moved off to new adventures. But we will always remember the many fantastic programs, songs and puppet shows they created for Junior Rangers and Cubs as well as Campfires. All their work was greatly appreciated by visitors and staff alike. [...]

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