As Roomy as a Cabin: The Smith Cabin Tree


Hello. Perhaps you’ve heard of me. My name is the Smith Cabin Tree and I’m one of the 1,000 giant sequoias in the South Grove. I’m the second largest giant sequoia in the area, and only the Agassiz Tree is larger. I’m not marked by any sign and no trail comes my way. I earned [...]

As Roomy as a Cabin: The Smith Cabin Tree2021-04-03T08:53:52-07:00

Scholarship Applications Closed for 2021


Application period closed for 2021.   Each year, CBTA is proud to be able to offer two $2500 academic scholarships to students who have chosen to pursue an education and/or career in an environmentally related field.  The purpose of the scholarships is to provide a monetary award to promising California upper division or graduate students [...]

Scholarship Applications Closed for 20212021-04-21T07:57:37-07:00

The Boy Who Watered the Trees


Hello, Perhaps you know me. My name is the Railroad Tree, and I’m a giant sequoia who stands near Beaver Creek, along the Bradley Grove Trail.  I’m surrounded by over a hundred young sequoias – thanks to a logging company, the Bradley family, and the boy who watered trees. This is my story. For over [...]

The Boy Who Watered the Trees2021-01-18T07:41:10-08:00

2021 – A New Year Begins


In 2020, people flocked to the park  during the challenging and difficult year. Perhaps because our minds are quieted by wonder. The calming effect of the natural world gives us time to pause and reflect. Joy and hope are natural companions, and you can almost hear the big trees whispering assurances that our [...]

2021 – A New Year Begins2021-01-18T07:43:12-08:00

Prescribed Burn Planned


The work will be in the North Grove area and will cover approximately 26-acres along Group Camp Road. Active burning will occur over two days - Thursday, November 12 and Friday, November 13; however, smoke will remain in the area after active firing has stopped. The unit has been prepared for broadcast burning by removing [...]

Prescribed Burn Planned2020-12-05T13:10:09-08:00

From Peril to Protection


 Hello Perhaps you know me. My name is the Sentinel Tree and I’m a giant sequoia who   stands at the edge of the North Grove gazing down on the Big Stump. (For over    1,000 years, I stood beside a second Sentinel Tree, but my brother fell over in 1919.) Over 160 years ago, we witnessed [...]

From Peril to Protection2020-10-30T09:25:49-07:00

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