Each year, CBTA is proud to be able to offer academic scholarships to students who have chosen to pursue an education and/or career in an environmentally related field.  The purpose of the scholarships is to provide a monetary award to promising California upper division or graduate students who have shown an educational and career commitment to the study of the environment and who show a commitment to communicate and interpret a love of nature and an understanding of the need to practice conservation.  Calaveras Big Trees Association is one of the few Cooperating Associations that offers environmentally related scholarships.

The opportunity for CBTA to offer scholarships started with the creation of the Emily M. Hewitt Memorial Scholarship by the family of Emily Hewitt.  The Hewitt family wanted to honor Emily and a student who shared her love of nature.  In addition, CBTA now offers the Stephen Stocking Memorial Scholarship.

This year each scholarship winner will receive $3000.

Application deadline is April 15, 2023.  Apply now.

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