One of the highlights of the Interpretive Programs at Calaveras Big Trees State Park that has continued throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic is the PORTS Program.(Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students).
PORTS is a successful Distance Learning program that serves more than 50,000 K-12 students each year by providing an engaging experience with California State Parks through high-quality interactive video conferences. PORTS provides a highly interactive learning tool K-12 teachers can use to bring science and history concepts to life in the context of state parks. PORTS uses the powers of California’s K-12 High Speed Network and interactive videoconferencing to enable students to speak live with a state park interpreter about life in a tide pool or to relive the excitement of gold rush days while visiting a living mining town without leaving their classroom.
The PORTS program at Calaveras Big Trees is masterfully lead by Jenny Comperda. We are so lucky to have Jenny on the team.
Take a look at two of her presentations to get an idea of what this program is all about.
If you want more information about the PORTS program, visit