On the day after Thanksgiving, November 24, 2017, the generous members and donors of Save the Redwoods League are sponsoring a limited number of free Day Use Passes into the over 40 Redwood State Parks.

Calaveras Big Trees is grateful  for a great partner in Save the Redwoods League. They help the park carry out its mission of preserving, protecting, inspiring and creating high-quality outdoor experiences.

Save the Redwoods League members have indicated that a single visit to a grove of ancient redwoods is an experience so powerful that it can foster a lifelong commitment to the protection of the world’s wild and special places.

Redwoods Friday Day-Use Parking Passes are limited. They will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis based on each park’s capacity.  Visitors without passes are welcome but must pay admission.

Please visit redwoodsfriday.org to download your pass and for more information.

About Redwoods Friday

  • Redwoods Friday, now in its third year, encourages families and friends to connect with California’s spectacular redwood state parks for the first time or to rekindle their love for them by providing thousands of free day-use vehicle passes to more than 40 participating redwood state parks.
  • Redwoods Friday this year is supported by the generous members and donors of Save the Redwoods League.
  • By supporting programs like Redwoods Friday, Save the Redwoods League is inspiring potential new visitors to experience and explore our redwood state parks.

How Redwoods Friday Began

  • On the day after Thanksgiving in 2015, Save the Redwoods League encouraged people to enjoy the holiday with friends and family in California’s spectacular redwood state parks.
  • Collaborating with California State Parks, the League removed a critical barrier for park visitors: the day-use vehicle fee. With 48 redwood parks participating, the League launched the new Thanksgiving tradition of Free Redwood Parks Day. The League held the event in 2016 as Green Friday and 2017 as Redwoods Friday.

Building Awareness of California’s Natural Legacies

  • Redwoods Friday is an opportunity to connect with our beautiful state parks. California offers some of the most biologically diverse and scenically spectacular parks in the world, ranging from high desert to lush redwood forests. These parks showcase California’s unique history and protect numerous important cultural resources.

Connecting People and Parks

  • California’s state parks are for everyone. By offering free vehicle day-use passes, we hope to welcome thousands of new visitors to our spectacular redwood state parks, inspiring a love of nature and a strong conservation ethic for all Californians. A great time to promote these values is on the holidays.

Establishing Priorities

  • Redwoods Friday promotes the values that we once all associated with the classic holiday values: peace, harmony and interaction with each other and the natural world.
  • New opportunities to spend time in our spectacular parks allow for greater connectedness — not just between people and their peers, but between people and the outdoors.


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