Important Virtual Zoom Webinar

How Can We Prevent Catastrophic Wildfire?

Monday April 18, 2022      6pm-7pm

Join renowned UC Berkeley Fire Scientist Dr. Scott Stephens speaking on how to better manage the forests all around us in Mother Lode communities. Can we reduce the risk of a catastrophic fire, the likes of which incinerated small towns like ours all over California in the past three years?

Find out why forest restoration that includes prescribed burns, mechanical fuel reduction treatments and tree thinning is crucial to keeping our forests healthy.

No Registration Needed

Click here on April 18 to join

For more details, contact: 209-283-4801                                                                           Hosted by Calaveras Big Trees Association

Below are links to very interesting videos and a webinar that are worth your time to view.

From The Nature Conservancy:

“Controlled Burning Reduces Catastrophic Wildfire Risk”

“Why We Work with Fire”


“NPR Interview with Scott Stephens, UC Berkeley Fire Scientist on What’s Needed to Manage Wildfires”

Sequoia Conservancy Webinar: Giant Conversations: Fire and Giant Sequoias in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

The Webinar addresses the KNP Complex Fire that burned 88,000 acres and killed approximately 3-5% of the world’s population of mature giant sequoias. The SQF Fire in 2020 killed 10-14% of the giant sequoia population.