Calaveras Big Trees Association is proud to announce that we were awarded a “Keeping Parks Whole” grant from our great partner, California State Parks Foundation.

The pandemic and resulting closure of the Visitor Center store drastically impacted the revenue and budget of the Calaveras Big Trees Association, who is responsible for the majority share of the salaries for Interpretive Park Aides in Calaveras Big Trees State Park. This grant will provide the salary of seasonal position during the peak summer months.

This grant also provides us the opportunity to help make our visitors experience a more enjoyable one as we navigate through the Covid-19 Pandemic.  As we comply with health department guidelines in the Visitor Center and Museum, it was apparent that additional staff was needed to keep our visitors safe while enjoying their visit.  Our additional park aide will help monitor flow and help answer questions.

Calaveras Big Trees Association is extremely appreciative of this honor from California State Parks Foundation.


“California State Parks Foundation recognizes the COVID-19 crisis has been felt by every individual, family, community, business, and industry – California’s parklands are no exception. Critical funding from state resources as well as revenue generated from park visitation has been greatly jeopardized, and this impact has been felt by park partners who provide financial, educational, and programmatic resources to the community. Supporting partners like Calaveras Big Trees Association with our Keeping Parks Whole Grant opportunity ensures Calaveras Big Trees State Park remains protected while also preparing for a safe and welcoming experience when parks fully re-open.” Rachel Norton, Executive Director, California State Parks Foundation