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Giant Sequoias (World’s Largest Trees!) Podcast with Wendy Harrison


Giant Sequoias (World's Largest Trees!) with Wendy Harrison Golden State Naturalist Have you ever looked up at something much larger than yourself and felt teeny tiny, but in a good way? That's the feeling I get when I walk among giant sequoias. It is pure wonderment. Join me as I learn more about this spectacular [...]

Giant Sequoias (World’s Largest Trees!) Podcast with Wendy Harrison2022-07-18T13:10:18-07:00

Partial North Grove Trail Closure


The iconic North Grove Trail is being improved. Trail work is expected to last throughout the summer. The trail is currently closed from approximately sign post 7 to sign post 15.  You can still see the Discovery Stump, largest tree in the grove, and access other trails in the North Grove Area.

Partial North Grove Trail Closure2022-10-19T14:37:38-07:00

2022 CBTA Annual Meeting Recording


Wonder what Calaveras Big Trees Association has been up to? CBTA held its Annual Membership meeting on Saturday June 25, 2022. If you were unable to attend, you can catch up on all that happened and plans for things to come by watching a replay of the meeting. Click Here to watch CBTA 2022 Annual [...]

2022 CBTA Annual Meeting Recording2022-07-04T19:37:16-07:00

The Night Sky


Join Doc Nancy (Nancy Muleady-Mecham) for a look at the dark skies of Calaveras Big Trees.  There will be talk stars, planets, constellations and mythology. Where: The Overlook When: July 16, 2022  8:30 pm start August 20, 2022 8:00 pm Details: One hour – Dress warmly. (Flashlights are welcome for safety but must be off [...]

The Night Sky2022-07-07T07:09:02-07:00

Astronomy Nights at the Park 2022


Come look at the stars! Docents will be sharing information and telling stories as everyone gazes at the night sky. Two telescopes and astronomical binoculars will give you a closer look at the moon, planets and deep sky objects. We’re excited to have a webcam for one of the telescopes, so images can be shown [...]

Astronomy Nights at the Park 20222022-06-13T19:34:03-07:00

John Muir and the Giant Sequoias – Seminar


Treewise and Sequoical: John Muir and Giant Sequoia Naturalist John Muir may have come to California in 1868 to see the Giant Sequoia - the most massive trees in the world. In his early years he reveled among the groves. Then he studied them. Then he saw the need to preserve the Big Trees and [...]

John Muir and the Giant Sequoias – Seminar2022-05-02T10:55:06-07:00

Science and Conservation of Giant Sequoia Forests in a Rapidly Changing World Video


Presented by Anthony Ambrose and Wendy Baxter Recording Available of Presentation Click Here to View Giant sequoia forests are experiencing unprecedented threats from drought, fire, and insect attack. This presentation will describe how changing environmental conditions present novel challenges to the health and survival of giant sequoias and highlight ongoing efforts to study [...]

Science and Conservation of Giant Sequoia Forests in a Rapidly Changing World Video2022-05-04T14:20:28-07:00

How Can We Prevent Catastrophic Wildfire?


Important Virtual Zoom Webinar How Can We Prevent Catastrophic Wildfire? Monday April 18, 2022      6pm-7pm Join renowned UC Berkeley Fire Scientist Dr. Scott Stephens speaking on how to better manage the forests all around us in Mother Lode communities. Can we reduce the risk of a catastrophic fire, the likes of which incinerated [...]

How Can We Prevent Catastrophic Wildfire?2022-04-11T10:51:33-07:00


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