In 2020, people flocked to the park  during the challenging and difficult year. Perhaps because our minds are quieted by wonder. The calming effect of the natural world gives us time to pause and reflect. Joy and hope are natural companions, and you can almost hear the big trees whispering assurances that our worries will end in time.
Thank you to everyone who has supported Calaveras Big Trees Association this year – by wandering our trails, sharing your love of the big trees, shopping in the visitor center, donating a few dollars, sponsoring a memorial bench, participating in Giving Tuesday, or becoming a member of Calaveras Big Trees Association.
Plans are underway for new projects and programs once the pandemic recedes, and our association will be ready to support them.
A happy and healthy New Year to all and thank you for being part of our park family.
We hope to see you in 2021.