At the recent 2020 Annual Membership meeting, the following new Board Members were elected to serve on the 2020-2021 Calaveras Big Trees Association Board of Directors:

Jim Allday, Jim Bearden, Michael Fox, George Leong, Marcie Powers and Paul Prescott.  Nancy Gardner was re-elected to another two year term. They are joined by continuing directors, Vida Kenk, Patty Haskell and Sanders LaMont.

The following are the new Officers that were elected:

Vida Kenk, President; Paul Prescott, Vice-President; Patty Haskell, Vice-President; Nancy Gardner, Treasurer; Marcie Powers, Secretary.

We look forward to very productive times ahead with this strong leadership.

Many thanks to Joan Allday, Rod Smith and Betty Watson as they leave the Board.  Their hard work and dedication was unending.  We look forward their continued contributions to CBTA.