Mugs, Cups & Fun Stuff

  • The Bottle Sling rePETe is a perfect complement to your reusable water bottle. It is designed to hold most bottles, including our very own 27 oz. BPA Free sports bottle. The Bottle Sling rePETe also has a large pocket for your iPod, phone or wallet, a small pocket for lip balm or a flash drive and a skinny pocket for chopsticks or a pen. You never really know when you will need chopsticks, especially if you are trying to cut down on using single-use throwaway cutlery. Like many of our rePETe products, the Bottle Sling is made of 97% recycled content. Show your commitment to the environment with our exclusive rePETe products. All rePETe products are made from recycled materials, mainly 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. A printed materials list appears on the inside of each bag and the backside of each pouch so you know exactly what your bag is made of.
  • Barkies are a simple tube of seamless high-tech microfiber that can be worn many different ways, depending on the activity or weather, making them perfect for all athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. They are remarkably practical, amazingly versatile and have a gazillion uses… plus they are fun to wear! Barkies are also easy for you to manage. They are light weight, compact, easy to store and ship. Our multifunctional headgear is the perfect low-cost option. Give your athletes and fans something they will wear over and over again –Barkies for Everyone!
  • 11oz bistro style mug with raised and screen printed lettering  
  • Bring nature inside with these distinctive wooden tree ornament  The Tree Ornaments are made from olive wood* from orchard pruning from local California orchards.   *handcrafted in the USA using recycled olive and avocado tree prunings, we make quality wholesale souvenirs and gifts without depleting the environment.
  • This Ornament is genuine 24k Gold flashed Brass  designed with Jackson Pacific.  The ornament depicts what you could see on the North Grove Trail, it also includes a story of the Giant Sequoias on the box.
  • Hacky Sack, also known as Footbag, is a modern, non-competitive American sport that involves kicking a bean bag and keeping it off the ground for as long as possible. It was invented in 1972 by John Stalberger and Mike Marshall of Oregon City, Oregon as a fun, challenging way to exercise. Assorted colors.
  • This beautiful bandana/scarf has been created in Chico, CA.  Order yours today! Measures 21" x 21".  
  • This beautiful bandana has been created from a photo by local photographer, Alan Beymer to commemorate the falling of our historic Pioneer Cabin Tree on January 8, 2017.  "Fallen, but Not Forgotten".  Order yours today! The scarf measures 21" x 21" .   It is a black and white photo on a soft silver-gray material.
  • Polished Stones – Tiny tumbled stones – all natural -from around the world.
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