Every Tuesday and Saturday at 1pm throughout the summer, dozens of excited children and their parents gather for Creek Critters.
Creek Critters is a time for exploring Beaver Creek, looking for aquatic insects. Pairs of children, wade into the clear, shallow waters, clutching plastic cups, turning over rocks and searching intently. Then some child shrieks, “Look what I found!” And then another calls out. Within 5 minutes, the creek is filled with waders finding critters.
Creek Critters is when children gallop out of the water, head to the tables with cups full of critters, and pour them into share tubs for everyone to see. Enthusiastic volunteers help with microscopes and magnifiers, engaging the children in discovery. Sierra Guidebooks whip open, and young ones become amateur entomologists as they try to identify what they’ve found.

Meet at Beaver Creek Picnic Area and bring water, snacks, sun screen. Allow for construction on Highway 4 and travel time to Beaver Creek
Join in the fun as you explore and find all the marvelous critters that live in the water. Look at them under microscopes and be amazed.

Call 209-795-7980 for more information.